Religious Buildings

Willow Creek Community Church, Crystal Lake

In response to their growing congregation from the McHenry County area, Willow Creek Community Church of South Barrington decided to build out an existing warehouse/office space for their new satellite place of worship. Service Mechanical Industries was hired as a design/build contractor to meet the project timeline, design goals and budget. Packaged gas/electric rooftop units were utilized with a direct digital control system to provide all the heating and cooling needs. The design took into consideration acoustics and airflow in the 8,500 sq. ft. auditorium to provide the congregation comfort without drafts by using fabric ductwork. Within one year of completion Willow Creek decided to double the square footage by taking over the adjacent warehouse space for a dedicated youth ministries area. Again Service Mechanical Industries was hired as a design/build contractor build out the space and extend the existing control system.

Naperville Chruch of ChristNaperville Church of Christ

After review of the bid drawings and an understanding of the budget constraints from the owner, Service Mechanical Industries provided a design/build proposal for the Naperville Church of Christ remodel and addition. The project timeline was shortened by a couple of months while incorporating high efficiency furnaces to replace the existing furnaces and concealing the packaged gas/electric units for the addition. A wireless direct digital control system allowed a savings on control wiring and no modifications to the existing spaces in addition to internet access to the controls.