Park_Douglas_Solar_PanelsPark Douglas Community Building

Park Douglas is a 3,000 square foot community center located in Chicago. Service Mechanical installed a ground-source geothermal heating and cooling system with roof-top air-handlers and economizers. Also installed are solar-thermal heating panels which supplement the domestic hot-water heaters and the geothermal system in the winter. There is also a heat-recovery coil which captures the waste heat from exhaust air and applies it to the geothermal system in the winter. Service Mechanical also designed a digital control system which monitors and controls these energy-saving systems and displays them on a flat-screen TV in the building to educate occupants on the overall efficiency of the building. The project plans to obtain a LEED platinum rating.

Streets__SanitationCity of Chicago Streets and Sanitation Offices

The City of Chicago's Streets and Sanitation department moved into this 25,000 square foot, three-story remodeled facility on Chicago's south side. Bamboo architectural elements, retro kitchen cabinets, and the re-use of old hardware and materials aided in the LEED silver accreditation. Service Mechanical provided the heating and cooling via a variable air volume (VAV) air distribution system with hot water reheat for individual zone control. The hot water was designed for 95% high efficiency operation with full modulation during the shoulder seasons.


HairpinService Mechanical Industries was contracted to remodel an existing historical building into a mixed use facility. Through numerous grants the building aspired to be LEED silver accredited. Service Mechanical rose to the design/build challenge including a new geo-thermal heat pump system with supplemental boiler heat for the heat for the existing portion of the building and the new addition to the building. A solar domestic hot water system with supplemental hot water heaters was installed as well. A packaged heating/cooling unit was provided to supply outside air to the common areas and residential spaces. The retail space heat pumps incorporated full economizers to take advantage of free cooling when available. The remodeled building was accredited LEED gold at the end of the project.